The most common method of cannabis consumption is through inhalation. Inhaling cannabis provides the most immediate effect and the shortest duration of action. Inhalation can involve smoking, vaporizing, or nebulizing cannabis products such as dried or cured flowers or concentrated cannabis oil extract. 


Consuming cannabis orally has more potent effect but a longer onset of action due to a different metabolic route through the liver that produces 11-hydroxy THC. The liver can be bypassed by using a tincture form of cannabis. The tincture is absorbed through the buccal membrane, resulting in an effect similar to inhalation methods. Products such as medicated lozenges will utilize both pathways as some of the medication being used sublingually is also swallowed.


The topical application of cannabinoid compounds can provide localized relief without psychoactive effects due to the cannabinoid receptors found in the skin. As with more traditional methods, individual cannabinoids will interact with the receptors differently, resulting in varied therapeutic effects.

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