The variety of products on the market make choosing the correct product overwhelming. Identify the symptoms you have that you are looking to relieve, consider the type of products available, and consider the modes of consumption for the products. Products will vary in the symptoms they can best target based on the phytochemical makeup of the product and how it can be delivered. Flower, vape-pen, alcohol tincture, or glycerine tincture will provide more rapid relief but will have shorter duration. An ingested full extract, full spectrum, or isolate oil will take a little longer to relieve symptoms but will have a longer duration. A topical will target location-specific symptoms at the dermis level but will not aid in overall ECS supplementation.  Not all products share the same cannabinoids, terpenes and lesser phytochemicals, so if one product does not work that isn’t always an indication that no product will work. Consider the below set of criteria when looking at different brands:

● Produced under a United States Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program or state legal medical/adult-use program

● Organic/Sustainable production principles are used in cultivation, processing and packaging

● Third-party testing is transparent and accessible

● Free from pesticides, mold, mildew, and metals

● Full spectrum—containing as many of the phytochemicals in the plant as possible

      ○ CO2 Extraction techniques are very common, but BHO and alcohol solvent techniques tend to provide a more full spectrum

            ■ If derived from a solvent extraction method, tested to prove no residual solvents present

To read more about factors to consider when purchasing products purchase Cannabis Primer: An Introduction to Cannabis for Consumers, Producers, Providers, Policy Makers, and Health Professionals