PhytoPharm.D offers the cannabis community 50 combined years of pharmacy and cannabis cultivation, processing, and dispensing experience.

Who We Are

PhytoPharm.D merges pharmaceutical standards of compounding and dispensing with clean, safe, and quality standards of production and dispensing of cannabis as medicine.

PhytoPharm.D educates and consults patients, producers, dispensary operators, and the broader public (including health professionals) about cannabis-based-medicine.

What We Value

PhytoPharm.D values safety, consistency, and scientifically driven symptom relief. 

  • Products
    • Third-party tested
    • Consistent
    • Quality
    • Transparent
  • Production Practices
    • Follows FDA Good Manufacturing Practices
    • Our "+" stamp of approval
      • Organic
      • Sustainable
      • Fair labor
  • Patient Care and Dispensing
    • Condition and symptom relief specificity when choosing medicine
    • Low and slow dosing protocol
      • Self-assessment programs
      • Responsible use